Choosing a good lender for the provision of a payday loan or financing is essential to reduce risks and, at the same time, to have guarantees and pursue one’s goals.

It is with this in mind that one of the best financial companies has ever been placed. With more than half a century of history behind it.

Best financial companies


Good Finance is among the oldest and largest Italian financial companies. But not only. It is also among the most serious in our country and in the top places among the most reliable and appreciated. It can be said that the financial Good Finance has accompanied our country in its economic history, and has been doing so for about 60 years.

If it is well known that the economic and financial aspect is one of the fundamental ones for the growth of a country on the world scene, Good Finance has certainly been part of this process from the 1960s to the present day.

With about two and a half million customers Good Finance offers 360 ° financial services throughout the country where it can boast the presence of about 164 agencies, from north to south Italy. Good Finance also constitutes an employment source. As it has more than 1300 workers directly employed by it.

Belonging to the GFIC group of Milan, it was born in 1960 as a support for credit to Italian families but, very soon, it then expanded its activities enormously and, for over 60 years, has been a fundamental reference point for those who intend to turn to a financial, serious and reliable.

From financing to payday loans


From the leasing sector to the insurance sector, and from financing to payday loans, Good Finance can follow and satisfy the requests of its customers with a wide range of services and proposals, and with significant benefits and advantages for various categories of users, acting as a real bank.

The users who rely on this financial company can certainly count on their proven experience in the sector and evaluate a large number of proposals, to find the most suitable and advantageous one to meet their needs. In addition, Good Finance also deals with those loans and loans that can be disbursed through the assignment of one-fifth of the salary (in the case of employees) or the assignment of one-fifth of the pension (in the case of pensioners).

The Good Finance agencies and the operating offices of Good Finance Bank are widely distributed and active throughout Italy and therefore it is rather simple to find a point in its commercial network to receive advice and therefore obtain all the necessary information before proceeding with a payday loan request, financing or insurance policy.

Okay, let me see the content. Okay, let me see the content.

But let’s see what Good Finance’s financial proposals are and the possible choices for obtaining a loan or financing.

Possible choices for obtaining a loan or financing


There are many reasons why a family can take out a loan or a loan. From bigger issues that can somehow solve important aspects of our life, such as buying a house or car, to more ordinary ones, which instead can facilitate you in the daily life, like a small loan for a sudden expense.

There are also particular moments in life when an emergency or necessity leads us to have the need to obtain immediate liquidity. Even if it is a few thousand USD, which could solve a problem that worries us. Or again, there are those who can resort to a payday loan also to be able to complete university studies or to buy new equipment for their profession.

In short, the reasons for asking for a loan or a loan are manifold and of a different nature. It is with this in mind that Good Finance diversifies its financial proposals to meet the needs of its customers.

Among the most popular and popular loans, there is certainly the one that relates to the ” assignment of the fifth “, the salary or the pension. This method is also among those most used and provided by Good Finance: but what is it about?

The assignment of the fifth is nothing more than a payday loan that can be requested both by the pensioners, with the “assignment of the fifth of the pension”, and by the employees, with the “assignment of a fifth of the salary”. It is a tool that provides solid security to the credit institution to which we turned.

The assignment of the fifth is in fact able to provide the financial or bank with the appropriate guarantees required since the installment is taken directly from the salary or pension. The installment that we are going to pay cannot exceed one fifth of the salary or pension. It is also a type of financing that provides for a certain flexibility even if it turns out to be “bad payers” or as “protested”, precisely because it provides guarantees for the credit institution as it will pay the INPS directly, in the case of retirees, or the company or employer, in the case of employees.

Amount of the installment is retained directly on the paycheck


In this second case, in fact, the amount of the installment is retained directly on the paycheck. The amounts that can be requested will obviously depend on the economic size of your paycheck or pension. If in the case of pensioners we speak of a category that is in some way “privileged”, because “safe”, as as we have seen, it will be the INPS that will pay directly, thus providing the necessary guarantees; in the case of workers, a substantial distinction must be made between those employed in the public and employees instead of private companies.

n this second case, in fact, other factors intervene, such as the importance and reliability of the company for which you work, but not only. Often, among the criteria for applying for and obtaining a payday loan or financing, if you are an employee of a private company, there is also the “time” factor.

That is, how long you have been employed at that company and how much the GFI accrued. This is because GFI can also be considered a source of guarantee for the institution that provides the credit, be it the financial company or the bank.

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